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December 2022
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A Call to Stop All Hatred
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I wrote a warning to mankind in September of 1964 about mankind’s need to be in the know (about the times we are now in).  I will repeat it here again.  We will see the direction of winds change.  The rain will fall in all the wrong places.  Plains will flood and lands will be destroyed.  Great heat will come and fires will blaze and burn towns and cities and make the lands blackened and dry.  Not one thing will grow for a season.  Mankind will feel lost and abandoned and many will starve.  The air will become poluted and stale and mankind will be charged a fee for the air they breathe.  The oceans will be poisoned. The rivers and streams will be stale and covered in brown foam.  Mankind is still in greed and will not come to their senses.  Many will wander and drift from place to place - empty and lost - with no spirituality - no great divinity to be found - lonely, so lonely and not caring for those who were struck by wars.  The “me” “me” society will be coming to a painful end. No one is master of their own fate.  All their freedoms will be curtailed.  States and provinces will become like countries and freedom of movement will no longer exist.

Their lives as men and women, as well as creation, will be threatened.  More testing with bombs will be done in Nevada.  Insanity will set its claws on life.  Earthquakes, hatred and fear will shake the loveless earth.  Floods will run over your lands.  Come now and be wise.  Stop all the mayhem on earth.  The prelude of hatred will blow its ugly whistle as the danger to attack Iran by August 2006 could be the beginning of an ugly end.  Iran and many holy places upon the planet will no longer exist.  The worshippers of the “cloven hoof” ones will run your earth.  You will wail and cry if you do not now take back your peace.

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Reaching All to Become Holy - Words from the Lady Saoshyant
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Divine energies have taught you.  Divine energies have awakened you. Your life is significant.  Reach to become holy – to become an awakened one, where everything just simply disappears. Let go of your attachment to money and power and the “me”, “me.”  There is no truth or prestige in them. Reach to where all loses its glamour and raises time to not.. where you and I are free in the highest realm and where truth appears as truth is!  All just is. 

In this realm, where all are lost and live without meaning, you can renounce your bondage and false pretences to be free at last to love life and the planet… to be spiritual and live a true gentle life.  Poor or rich are souls to be free – free at last to love and share the same spirituality – to dance on the beaches and in towns without fear!

For those you meet here, it is the ones who integrate who are free and love the planet with spiritual fervour.  Women, men and children – can all live of pure life for a pure planet, without poverty and respecting all.  A true revolution of love and peace results.  Into Nirpadayati she calls us to come to her. Be free. Create and accomplish peace. Ripen your lives. Mature your planet.  Bring it into true existence to respect and love. Come and reach out for life. Create a chain of vitality. Come follow this wondrous path of bliss.

                              - H.H. Hehpsehboah A.

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Guillotines Coming to a Place Near You
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As I have long forewarned, the powers that be want this world to regress to what mankind knows as the middle ages and to the torture, murder and suppression that time brought, for it was then that the people could be totally controlled and in bondage. Learn more…


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Invasion of Privacy - Now Invasion of Mind
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I want to warn you for this harsh reality. The USA government will pry into your brain. Those in Canada will find it interesting to do so too. (CSIS, CIA, FBI and others you are not aware of).  They will use technology - a new kind of sensor - that allows them to invade your private thoughts and they may be testing it out in airports, schools, courtrooms, police stations, customs and even at events to sort out the “loyal slaves” and see if you are concealing money, goods. etc.  Learn more…

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12 Year-Old Children as “Miniature Soldiers” and “Informers”
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Coming up - the first programming and grooming of children for military and surveillance purposes is about to commence in the USA and Canada. 

They will entice the children to participate as “miniature police and soldiers.”  Instead of watching violent video games, which was part of the pre-training, they will become live participants and act out amongst other children and adults the games they have played in arcades. They will be drilled to spy and report on everything they see, including within their own families - just like during WW II.   More……

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Women Will No Longer Be Needed for Procreation
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By 2021 women will not be needed for procreation. Science and technology will have eliminated the need for women as the only givers of birth and as life carriers. Men will be capable of giving birth. More at


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More Evidence of Polar Shift Prophecy Being Fulfilled
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For an extensive list of prophecies I have given over the years, see

As a child back in the 1940s, I began speaking about the polar shift that would occur at the time of earth changes upon this planet - the time we are now in. I told how what was up would go down and what was down would go up. Some 15 years ago, while being interviewed, I explained that what scientists were labeling El Niño and La Niña were in actual fact the beginning stages of the polar shift.  12 years ago evidence was beginning to appear with seahorses being found off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada and other tropical fish being seen in more northerly waters.

A report came in recently that First Nations in Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories, Canada have noticed a strange occurrence.  They are catching summer fish in winter and winter fish in summer. Greenland is rapidly becoming greener. Icecaps are melting. Water levels are rising at unprecedented levels.  These are all indications that the planet is in its initial stages of a polar shift.  I have long forewarned that the extent and severity of this polar shift depends on the actions of mankind.

The map of the future I created in the 1950s reflects the world as it will become should mankind not choose to change its ways. Mankind has choice. It has choice to stop stripping mother earth of her blood (oil), of her natural resources above and below the surface, to stop polluting her water and air and destroying the trees that provide protection and oxygen to breathe. At the moment it seems that there is more gold above the ground than below, depriving mother earth ofwhat she needs to transmute energies for her life force.  Look at how many diamonds are laying unused in warehouses, leaving mother earth without the refined crystals she uses.  We have bones in our bodies and chakras to align energies. Mother earth has the same.  Imagine if you take an apple and begin to bore holes in it. Then take that apple and throw it in a tub of water.  The heavy side sinks and the light side turns to the top. It is no different with mother earth.

Most importantly, at this point in time, humanity must stop all wars and all weaponry testing. Each time a nuclear explosion or massive bombing occurs, the earth shakes and vibrates further into its position for an all out polar shift that could decimate almost all life on the planet. Mankind has choice. Mankind can choose change. They can choose to become compassionate, kind and respectful to mother earth and all life and drop their abuse, hatred, racism, prejudice and religious bigotry.  They can choose to get rid of the “me” society.  What choice will humanity make? What is your personal choice for the future?  What is life worth?  I have warned over and over again during the past decades that mankind must change. Now is the time for people to come into full realization of the impact of their choices.

I have launched a movement for global change and am looking for dedicated people to help in the efforts to bring change and karmic renewal for the planet. Read more about C.H.A.N.G.E. at .

                        -H.H. Hehpsehboah A., Saoshyant

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The Greatest Gift for the Soul
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Posted by: Saoshyant @ 8:45 pm

The greatest gift for the soul is living with the highest of integrity. Nothing is ever so precious and priceless as is this great integrity. No, nothing has the strength or the power to penetrate even the hardest service - not even a diamond. But true kindness and true love are the most priceless treasures that will always be cherished in the hearts of all mankind and can penetrate the most fierce being and toughest surface.  Kind thoughts of sincere and honest people - those who have overcome all falsehoods and have attained great spirituality and sincere self-empowerment - can help to solve the planet’s problems.  Those without kind thoughts are the cause of the absence of integrity.

Within the hearts of spiritual leaders as well as world leaders who have lost their integrity, we see a world in dire pain and suffering.  That is why the planet is calling out and in need of kindness, change and pure integrity.  We call all people around the planet to go heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul and hand-in-hand to bring integrity for change.

                                        - H.H. Hehpsehboah A., Saoshyant

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