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July 2022
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Reaching All to Become Holy - Words from the Lady Saoshyant
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Posted by: Saoshyant @ 7:45 pm

Divine energies have taught you.  Divine energies have awakened you. Your life is significant.  Reach to become holy – to become an awakened one, where everything just simply disappears. Let go of your attachment to money and power and the “me”, “me.”  There is no truth or prestige in them. Reach to where all loses its glamour and raises time to not.. where you and I are free in the highest realm and where truth appears as truth is!  All just is. 

In this realm, where all are lost and live without meaning, you can renounce your bondage and false pretences to be free at last to love life and the planet… to be spiritual and live a true gentle life.  Poor or rich are souls to be free – free at last to love and share the same spirituality – to dance on the beaches and in towns without fear!

For those you meet here, it is the ones who integrate who are free and love the planet with spiritual fervour.  Women, men and children – can all live of pure life for a pure planet, without poverty and respecting all.  A true revolution of love and peace results.  Into Nirpadayati she calls us to come to her. Be free. Create and accomplish peace. Ripen your lives. Mature your planet.  Bring it into true existence to respect and love. Come and reach out for life. Create a chain of vitality. Come follow this wondrous path of bliss.

                              - H.H. Hehpsehboah A.

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  1. Charles Says:
    Thank you Your Holiness for reminding us to become free to love life and the Planet. I love how you remind us that the Planet is a living being and we need to respect and cherish her. Thank You, Charles

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