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June 2023
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A Call to Stop All Hatred
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Posted by: Saoshyant @ 5:50 pm

I wrote a warning to mankind in September of 1964 about mankind’s need to be in the know (about the times we are now in).  I will repeat it here again.  We will see the direction of winds change.  The rain will fall in all the wrong places.  Plains will flood and lands will be destroyed.  Great heat will come and fires will blaze and burn towns and cities and make the lands blackened and dry.  Not one thing will grow for a season.  Mankind will feel lost and abandoned and many will starve.  The air will become poluted and stale and mankind will be charged a fee for the air they breathe.  The oceans will be poisoned. The rivers and streams will be stale and covered in brown foam.  Mankind is still in greed and will not come to their senses.  Many will wander and drift from place to place - empty and lost - with no spirituality - no great divinity to be found - lonely, so lonely and not caring for those who were struck by wars.  The “me” “me” society will be coming to a painful end. No one is master of their own fate.  All their freedoms will be curtailed.  States and provinces will become like countries and freedom of movement will no longer exist.

Their lives as men and women, as well as creation, will be threatened.  More testing with bombs will be done in Nevada.  Insanity will set its claws on life.  Earthquakes, hatred and fear will shake the loveless earth.  Floods will run over your lands.  Come now and be wise.  Stop all the mayhem on earth.  The prelude of hatred will blow its ugly whistle as the danger to attack Iran by August 2006 could be the beginning of an ugly end.  Iran and many holy places upon the planet will no longer exist.  The worshippers of the “cloven hoof” ones will run your earth.  You will wail and cry if you do not now take back your peace.

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  1. Paul Misiunas Says:
    >Iran and many holy places upon the planet will no longer exist. As the empty shell of a body drops away when no longer needed, the ties that become severed serve no purpose other than as an appearance to be used and abused to no end by those who have fallen away. It is indeed a time of cleansing. Perhaps then our true nature will no longer frighten us into behaving as the spoiled children we have become. The future, our future, is coming as the sun rises in the East heralding a glorious and wonderful new day. And despite the fact that there are those who wish for the complete and total destruction of the Great Maker so as to become gods themselves, children, through loving kindness, do grow up in harmony and in peace moving through existence with a deep connection and conviction of their place in the universe. In that, all else pales in comparison. It’s not always easy to grow up and the pains of adolescence can, at times, be unbearable, but bear them we must if we are to survive our own selves.

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